Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We are the professional Hot Dog Cookers

So, my days at Freebirds were re-lived today.  I rolled 400 hotdogs into foil.  Yea, I said 400.  FOUR HUNDRED!  This is not the first time we've cooked hundreds of hotdogs, but this is the first time I was forced happily rolled them.  My husband regularly has to cook hotdogs for his job for different events, where he needs to serve hundreds of people cheap, easy food.  I believe the most we've cooked and served was 800, but that's a different story.  So, my kitchen became a little like the restaurant kitchens I've worked in over the years, between the stove, foil trays, wrappers, and assembly lines, burning myself numerous times, and the entire place smelling of hotdogs. 
Here are some of the frozen dogs.  MMM MMMM!

Here's me!  Boiling water, a mass of frozen dogs.  This is how people get hurt.

Oh the sweet smell of dogs.
Assembly line baby.  That's how we did all this in one hour.  And of course becuase the little munchkin was sleeping too.  We'd still be doing this tomorrow if he was awake during this.

Final product.  13 trays of bunned, wrapped and packs dogs. 

So, next time you get a hankering for hot dogs, just remember: someone spent a lot of time working on that dog.

Until the next shenanigans..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Check out what came in my mailbox today!!


I got free trial size of mouthwash, toothpaste, and floss, and a SoyJoy bar, and of course coupons.  ($40 bucks worth!)  Free samples from walmarts website.  I love getting stuff in the mail.  Especially when it's fun stuff like free stuff.  I'm not a fan of getting things like bills, or bad news, but this makes going to the mailbox like Christmas in July.  The oral care is great for going on trips because I refuse to spend big bucks on the tiny travel size stuff, so I pack the giant sized stuff which thus leaves less room for my clothes.  Now lets get into that for a second.  If you're a girl, you pack more clothes that you need, right??  I pack WAY too many clothes, even if I know the weather and everything that we will be doing and where we will be going because there is one thing that I don't know once we get there: my mood.  I don't know what my mood will be like once I'm there and if I don't have options, it's not a good thing.  If I think that I will wear jeans when we go out to eat, but once we finally are there and I'm not in the mood for jeans, I want the skirt option, or dress or what have you.  If I'm made to wear jeans when I don't want to, it just throws everything off.  Espeically when it ends up being hotter that snot outside and now I'm just sweaty and hot and wearing jeans.  And we all know what it's like to be sweaty, hot, and wearing jeans when you don't want to.  Might as well just skip the dinner and go to the MickyD's drive thru, get your chicken nuggets and go home.  Lord help them if they forget your sweet and sour sauce, though.  Seriously. 

But back to samples.  Recently I've also gotten hair care products (like Aveeno and some other brand that I can't remember but it's too expensive for me to even consider buying in the first place), Miracle Whip (I dig the zip), diapers, baby formula, and laxatives (saving that for when I'm mad at someone).

Now I really am going to attempt to clean up the house.  That is until I find something else to write about. See you in an hour.   

So this is a blog....

So two people suggested that I start a blog.  And as you can see, I did.  I'm obviously highly influenced by others.  But, this is time better spent, because usually I'm just watching tv (mostly Food Network reruns) while I'm taking care of my son, or cleaning up around the house or getting together my next couponing shopping spree.  Which by the way, I LOVE couponing.  It's so much fun.  I get a real high off of spending $10.20 and getting $109 dollars worth of stuff.  And yes, it's stuff we will actually use.  Probably not within the month but I figure if you have a stash of stuff for about a 3-6 month supply, that is reasonable.  Anything past that and you are auditioning for Hoarders.  Well, I should really get some cleaning done. Since the munchkin can now lurch across the floor, having filthy floors is unacceptable anymore. Till next time, I'll just keep looking around.