Monday, October 24, 2011

Blinds? More like junk!

These are supposedly blinds:
At least, that's what some people call them.  I like to call them junk.  They are the stupidest blinds ever invented. We had these in our old house in Oklahoma as well.  As you can see, doesn't really keep the sun out.  See that sideways blind at the top that I guess is supposed to make it look pretty or something.  Yea, that falls off.  All the time.  And it's held on by the junky plastic things, which also break.  Which you can't replace. 
This is the little handle thingy.  It's stupid too, because if you have it turned the wrong way and you try to open or close the blinds, you will yank this little thing off.  What does this do you ask?  Well, then you can't do anything with the blinds until you get it put back on.  Not an easy task either.  I'm not tall enough to put this thing back on without a stool.  And even this is a pain!  It has some awkward hook on the end that you're supposed to try and get through a circle thingy at the top.  It's stupid.
These are the blinds themselves.  Equally as stupid.  They fall off if you just look at them wrong.  The holes at the top that are supposed to hook on to those weird plastic thingys up there.  Half the time, once they have fallen off, the hole becomes a "U" shape, thus rendering the blind useless.  So on about half of these blinds I've had to use packaging tape, tape up the broken hole, and poke a new hole into it, just to get them to hang precariously until the next gentle breeze blows them off.  

Those little plastic things that supposedly turn the blinds to open and closed positions.  They break.  All the time.  So then the blind just swings around freely, doing whatever it wants.  It doesn't open.  It doesn't close.  It just hangs there like a sad sack.  Also, if the little plastic thingys aren't all in the same position, you can't slide the blinds all the way open or closed, thus ripping off the handle thingy yet again.

So all in all, these are the stupidest blinds ever invented by man.  Oh and they're ugly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm not embarassed....mostly

Before you judge me, STOP.  Think about your own houses.  Where is that pile of crap that is just sitting there?  I know you have it.  It's the garage.  Or the kitchen cabinets.  Or your closet in the extra bedroom, or maybe even your car.  It's there, staring at you, mocking you, embarassing you even though you don't let people see it.
First let me start off with my excuses.  
1. I'm pregnant in my 1st trimester so I'm beyond tired.  And the doc said that this time around I will probably be more tired than I was the last time.  And boy howdy she is right!  The last time I was preggers my first trimester I wasn't working (summertime-teaching) and I had no other kids.  So I got to lay on the sofa whenever I wanted.
2. I have a 9 month old son who I guess is teething.  He has 8 teeth right now and apparently 47 more are coming in.  That is the only thing I can think of why he's not sleeping well and is generally a crank ball all day long.  I mean whine all day and cling mercilessly describes it best.
3.  The hubs has been home a whopping 2 nights this week.  Monday and Wednesday night.  And we were out Wednesday night.  So it's been just me and the whiny Munchkin basically all week alone.  He's wearing me out.  I finally told the hubs that he wasn't allowed to go to work on Sunday or I warned I would slash his tires.  He's staying home. : )

So there you have them.  My excuses.  For what you might ask???
 This is our living room.  As you can see, the mess starts here.  The majority of it is from the Munchkin dragging everything out he possibly can and then leaving to tear something else up.  Oh and that's a pile of laundry I finally folded. 
This is our dining room.  As you can see, there is a little trail of junk leading towards Munchkins room. He's like a little tornado, blowing everything around, tearing half of it up on his way.  Now the kitchen table is full of crap because we moved a bunch of furniture around and there are a few shelves we need to put up so I can put that junk away.  

This is my living room/dining room on a typical day as of late.  I did clean all of this up that day.  I had a random bout of energy.

Lets go to today. 
 New day, new mess.  All from the pipsqueak.  Cheerios ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Because he found the box, ripped the bag open and flung them everywhere. 
Ah yes.  The newspaper.  He LOVES the newspaper.  Loves to shred it.  Dance with it. Fling it around.  Eat it.  Whatever.  He LOVES the newspaper.  As you can see.  It's like the newspaper exploded.  Ah but look.  The kitchen table is (mostly) cleaned off!!  Will I clean any of this tonight?  Not really.  Only the dirty dishes and maybe the Cheerios (maybe).

I'm not really embarassed by this.  I feel I have pretty legit excuses for it looking like this.  Those of you without kids, I'm sure you're thinking I'm a total slacker mom, who lays on the couch watching baseball games, and The Office, eating candy.  But if you have/have had kids, you understand that some days, you're children are like little monkeys.  They come in, throw everything around, and wander off to poop somewhere.  I figure, I spent most of my energy playing with him and feeding/changing diapers, that I at least did my job as a good mom today.  Maybe not the maid/house keeper.  But she'll come back someday.  And some days, it's just not worth it to pick up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

El Pregarino

Yep, I'm pregnant.  That would explain the lack of posts.  I don't have the energy to get dressed in the morning sometimes, let alone, take care of Munchkin, keep the house up, and write on this thingy.  So posts might me a little sparse until I get out of this tired stage. 

Speaking of the tired stage.  I have had people tell me, "Oh, well you're tired now but you'll feel better after the 1st trimester."  Like I haven't had a baby before.  Almost as if the 2nd trimester is this magical cure for everything that ails you.  Unfortunately, for myself,  it's not.  My tiredness and morning/afternoon/evening sickness last until about the 5th month.  Ugg....come on!  Lets get this show on the road.

We have our first doc appointment on Friday.  The first one is always exciting because our doc gives us a sonogram to check out the baby.  So we're going to get to see "Coconut" soon!  Always makes it sink in to it's fullest when you actually see the heart beating, little legs and arms moving around.  It's awesome. 

And just for good measure, to remind myself of just how big I got, and to show you all:
Can't you see the thrill on my face!

Monday, October 17, 2011


I have finally finished Munchkins curtains.  They were old curtains from our living room in the house we used to live in in Oklahoma.  I decided he needed some curtains in his room because the sun BLARES into his room in the mornings till about noon.  It's like a flood light from 6am till 12pm.  The curtains were a little too short so I added a brown runner on the bottom.  I hung them up but they were too thin.  The sun still blasted that room.  So I took some more of the brown that I had and sewed a panel to the back of the curtains.  Not complicated really.  Not super time consuming.  Assuming you don't have a Munchkin running around and you're not so friggin tired from being pregnant (yep I'm preggers again) that you do 10 minutes of work and you need a 30 minute break.  Since I did have those two things going for me they literally took months for me to finish.  I would pin the fabric, and Munchkin would want to come over and play with the pins.  Or I'd start sewing with the sewing machine and he would mess with my foot pedal, climb on me or bang his head on something to get my attention...or just on accident.  I'm still convinced he bumps his head for the attention.  Anyways, so the stupid sewing machine has been sitting on my kitchen table for a VERY long time.  VERY LONG TIME.  I wouldn't allow myself to put it away until I finished the curtains.  So we haven't had a meal at the kitchen table for that amount of time.  And so it turned into the dumping ground for anything I didn't have the energy to put away.  But today, despite my fatigued body waking me up, and the very whiny all day Munchkin, I finished the damn things.  Yea I cussed at them.  And my husband ended up not having to work tonight so he got home just in time to hang the curtain rod!!  And finally that project is finished.  But of course now...I'm pregnant and there are 1000 things to do before "Coconut" comes into our least on the outside.  We have a guest bedroom which I will be converting to "Coconuts" room.  No more guests here!  Well I'm sure we'll have guests but we are no longer a pseudo hotel.  We are full on family now!!

Here a look at my handy work!  I'm sure I will post more projects in the future seeing as though when I'm pregnant I come up with a list a mile long of things I want to get done before baby gets here and magically they all get done.  Usually in about a week when the stars align, Munchkin is happy and I have energy.  Oh I long for the day.....week.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's official. I'm a mom. I got the van!

We sold my truck.  : (
I've had my little red Ranger for 10 years.  Got it when I was 18.  It has been a great truck, too.  I've wrecked it a few times, mostly other people fault but one time because I was driving like a bat out of hell.  I rarely ever washed it.  I hardly ever vacuumed out the inside.  The bed of the truck had silver paint all over it because I worked on a dairy farm one summer.  I was in charge of painting a really really really long fence with silver paint.  So I used my truck to get around with all my painting supplies.  I was really stupid back then as well, because apparently, if you have an open paint can on your tailgate and you try to drive across a dirt pen (for cows), EVEN IF YOU DRIVE REALLY SLOW, you will still spill lots of silver paint all over the bed of your truck.  I didn't really care though.  My husband, when we lived in Oklahoma, decided that to get the ice off the windshield, it is best to bang on the inside of the windshield to knock the ice off.  Let me be very clear doesn't work.  It just cracks the windshield, and leaves the ice on there.  The tailgate handle didn't work, so we had to take off the plate cover and pull the two hooks that hold it closed every time we wanted to open it.  I could go on.  Yes, from the description, it was kind of a hunk of junk.  But it was such a great truck.  Never died on me.  Never gave us any major problems.  Still to this day, runs like the day we bought it.  The AC was SUPER cold, which was really nice here on this scalding island.  But it was time to let it go.  I have Munchkin now and couldn't put him in it.  The hubs always took the car because it gets amazing gas mileage (he drives a ton for his job).  So I always ended up not being able to go anywhere...EVER.

BUT!  I got something so stinking awesome!  A conversion van!  Oh yea baby!  And the price was RIGHT!
 Check out those rims!!  WHAT WHAT!
 Yep, it has a tv, AND A VCR!  YEA!!  I can finally watch some of my VHS tapes!  We have hooked up a DVD player, just so you don't think we're total in the dark kind of people.
 It's got super comfortable front seats and captains chairs, and they all recline.  When I was growing up we had a van and none of the seats reclined.  I can stand up straight in this thing too!
The back seat reclines too!  All the way!  With the touch of a button!  Get your mind out of the gutter.  The wonderful thing about this is that we are big campers.  And we haven't been able to go because of Munchkin.  Can you imagine taking a small baby under 1 camping in a tent.  HA!  And when we camp we don't do pansy camping.  We do real deal camping.  But this will make things so much easier!  TONS of room, places to sleep for everyone if the tent just doesn't work out.  We are even planning an actual camping trip next year!  SO EXCITED!! 

Yea, I know.  Having a baby actually make me officially a mom.  But there's always that little part of you that hangs on to your non-mom status when you still have your little truck from college.  Buying a van and selling the truck puts me so far into the mom category, there's no turning back.  I will say though, I will rock this van till the day it dies!  

Friday, October 7, 2011

I get paid to run

That's right.  I'm one of those runners.  I get paid to run.  I'm actually not very good at running.  But I still get paid to run.  I know!  It's crazy!  Now, let me be clear.  I don't get paid on every run.  Or every other run for that matter.  But I got paid for my run today! 
CHECK IT OUT!!!  Yea baby!  So I'm on my run.  By myself today too!!  Thanks honey!  I always feel weird running by myself.  For years and years, I have ran with something.  The dogs (one or two...usually both), or now my running stroller with my sweet Munchkin in it.  But the past two days have gloriously weird.  I've gotten to run by myself while the hubs watches Munchkin and works from home.  Anyways, I'm on my run, and I'm just tearing it up.  It's amazing how much more stamina you have when you're not pushing a running stroller into the wind!  I'm headed out of a cul-de-sac and I look down and see lots of shiny, round coins ahead of me.  I quickly debate if I should look desperate and poor and stoop over and pick up the change, or if I should keep my pride and dignity and keep on running.  OH....I stopped!!  I have no pride.   After having my son poop on my crotch in the middle of Academy (a whole, squishy turd, although he was wearing a diaper...not sure how he keeps pooping outside of his diapers, but I"m starting to notice a pattern) I have no pride or dignity left.  I just don't care anymore.  I would never be able to leave the house if I had any, because of the goldfish goo he just wiped on my pants, the slobber stain on my shoulder, the film on my teeth because I haven't had a chance to brush my teeth yet today, the glob of dried, white milk on my black skirt, the fart noises he now likes to make on my neck, and the funky "I just cooked something in the frying pan this morning" smell that you sometimes get on your clothes.  I ended up picking up $0.99 cents!!  I thought that was so awesome!  Then I continued my run, thinking to myself, "Man it sure would be cool to find one more penny to get a whole dollar!!"  I have no clue why I wanted another penny but whatever.  So I spend the rest of my run with my head down in the gutter (yes...where I threw my son the other day) trying to find another penny.  And wouldn't you know it, NO PENNYS!  Apparently, they're not as common as you would think.  So walking home (because of my cool down time not because I'm a lame runner) I was somewhat bummed I couldn't find another penny.  Then I walked into our driveway.  LO AND BEHOLD!  A PENNY!  So I walked into the front door, getting paid $1.00 for my run! So I took a picture and put it in Munchkins piggy bank!