Monday, October 24, 2011

Blinds? More like junk!

These are supposedly blinds:
At least, that's what some people call them.  I like to call them junk.  They are the stupidest blinds ever invented. We had these in our old house in Oklahoma as well.  As you can see, doesn't really keep the sun out.  See that sideways blind at the top that I guess is supposed to make it look pretty or something.  Yea, that falls off.  All the time.  And it's held on by the junky plastic things, which also break.  Which you can't replace. 
This is the little handle thingy.  It's stupid too, because if you have it turned the wrong way and you try to open or close the blinds, you will yank this little thing off.  What does this do you ask?  Well, then you can't do anything with the blinds until you get it put back on.  Not an easy task either.  I'm not tall enough to put this thing back on without a stool.  And even this is a pain!  It has some awkward hook on the end that you're supposed to try and get through a circle thingy at the top.  It's stupid.
These are the blinds themselves.  Equally as stupid.  They fall off if you just look at them wrong.  The holes at the top that are supposed to hook on to those weird plastic thingys up there.  Half the time, once they have fallen off, the hole becomes a "U" shape, thus rendering the blind useless.  So on about half of these blinds I've had to use packaging tape, tape up the broken hole, and poke a new hole into it, just to get them to hang precariously until the next gentle breeze blows them off.  

Those little plastic things that supposedly turn the blinds to open and closed positions.  They break.  All the time.  So then the blind just swings around freely, doing whatever it wants.  It doesn't open.  It doesn't close.  It just hangs there like a sad sack.  Also, if the little plastic thingys aren't all in the same position, you can't slide the blinds all the way open or closed, thus ripping off the handle thingy yet again.

So all in all, these are the stupidest blinds ever invented by man.  Oh and they're ugly.

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