Tuesday, October 18, 2011

El Pregarino

Yep, I'm pregnant.  That would explain the lack of posts.  I don't have the energy to get dressed in the morning sometimes, let alone, take care of Munchkin, keep the house up, and write on this thingy.  So posts might me a little sparse until I get out of this tired stage. 

Speaking of the tired stage.  I have had people tell me, "Oh, well you're tired now but you'll feel better after the 1st trimester."  Like I haven't had a baby before.  Almost as if the 2nd trimester is this magical cure for everything that ails you.  Unfortunately, for myself,  it's not.  My tiredness and morning/afternoon/evening sickness last until about the 5th month.  Ugg....come on!  Lets get this show on the road.

We have our first doc appointment on Friday.  The first one is always exciting because our doc gives us a sonogram to check out the baby.  So we're going to get to see "Coconut" soon!  Always makes it sink in to it's fullest when you actually see the heart beating, little legs and arms moving around.  It's awesome. 

And just for good measure, to remind myself of just how big I got, and to show you all:
Can't you see the thrill on my face!

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