Saturday, October 22, 2011

I'm not embarassed....mostly

Before you judge me, STOP.  Think about your own houses.  Where is that pile of crap that is just sitting there?  I know you have it.  It's the garage.  Or the kitchen cabinets.  Or your closet in the extra bedroom, or maybe even your car.  It's there, staring at you, mocking you, embarassing you even though you don't let people see it.
First let me start off with my excuses.  
1. I'm pregnant in my 1st trimester so I'm beyond tired.  And the doc said that this time around I will probably be more tired than I was the last time.  And boy howdy she is right!  The last time I was preggers my first trimester I wasn't working (summertime-teaching) and I had no other kids.  So I got to lay on the sofa whenever I wanted.
2. I have a 9 month old son who I guess is teething.  He has 8 teeth right now and apparently 47 more are coming in.  That is the only thing I can think of why he's not sleeping well and is generally a crank ball all day long.  I mean whine all day and cling mercilessly describes it best.
3.  The hubs has been home a whopping 2 nights this week.  Monday and Wednesday night.  And we were out Wednesday night.  So it's been just me and the whiny Munchkin basically all week alone.  He's wearing me out.  I finally told the hubs that he wasn't allowed to go to work on Sunday or I warned I would slash his tires.  He's staying home. : )

So there you have them.  My excuses.  For what you might ask???
 This is our living room.  As you can see, the mess starts here.  The majority of it is from the Munchkin dragging everything out he possibly can and then leaving to tear something else up.  Oh and that's a pile of laundry I finally folded. 
This is our dining room.  As you can see, there is a little trail of junk leading towards Munchkins room. He's like a little tornado, blowing everything around, tearing half of it up on his way.  Now the kitchen table is full of crap because we moved a bunch of furniture around and there are a few shelves we need to put up so I can put that junk away.  

This is my living room/dining room on a typical day as of late.  I did clean all of this up that day.  I had a random bout of energy.

Lets go to today. 
 New day, new mess.  All from the pipsqueak.  Cheerios ALL OVER THE PLACE.  Because he found the box, ripped the bag open and flung them everywhere. 
Ah yes.  The newspaper.  He LOVES the newspaper.  Loves to shred it.  Dance with it. Fling it around.  Eat it.  Whatever.  He LOVES the newspaper.  As you can see.  It's like the newspaper exploded.  Ah but look.  The kitchen table is (mostly) cleaned off!!  Will I clean any of this tonight?  Not really.  Only the dirty dishes and maybe the Cheerios (maybe).

I'm not really embarassed by this.  I feel I have pretty legit excuses for it looking like this.  Those of you without kids, I'm sure you're thinking I'm a total slacker mom, who lays on the couch watching baseball games, and The Office, eating candy.  But if you have/have had kids, you understand that some days, you're children are like little monkeys.  They come in, throw everything around, and wander off to poop somewhere.  I figure, I spent most of my energy playing with him and feeding/changing diapers, that I at least did my job as a good mom today.  Maybe not the maid/house keeper.  But she'll come back someday.  And some days, it's just not worth it to pick up.

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