Monday, October 17, 2011


I have finally finished Munchkins curtains.  They were old curtains from our living room in the house we used to live in in Oklahoma.  I decided he needed some curtains in his room because the sun BLARES into his room in the mornings till about noon.  It's like a flood light from 6am till 12pm.  The curtains were a little too short so I added a brown runner on the bottom.  I hung them up but they were too thin.  The sun still blasted that room.  So I took some more of the brown that I had and sewed a panel to the back of the curtains.  Not complicated really.  Not super time consuming.  Assuming you don't have a Munchkin running around and you're not so friggin tired from being pregnant (yep I'm preggers again) that you do 10 minutes of work and you need a 30 minute break.  Since I did have those two things going for me they literally took months for me to finish.  I would pin the fabric, and Munchkin would want to come over and play with the pins.  Or I'd start sewing with the sewing machine and he would mess with my foot pedal, climb on me or bang his head on something to get my attention...or just on accident.  I'm still convinced he bumps his head for the attention.  Anyways, so the stupid sewing machine has been sitting on my kitchen table for a VERY long time.  VERY LONG TIME.  I wouldn't allow myself to put it away until I finished the curtains.  So we haven't had a meal at the kitchen table for that amount of time.  And so it turned into the dumping ground for anything I didn't have the energy to put away.  But today, despite my fatigued body waking me up, and the very whiny all day Munchkin, I finished the damn things.  Yea I cussed at them.  And my husband ended up not having to work tonight so he got home just in time to hang the curtain rod!!  And finally that project is finished.  But of course now...I'm pregnant and there are 1000 things to do before "Coconut" comes into our least on the outside.  We have a guest bedroom which I will be converting to "Coconuts" room.  No more guests here!  Well I'm sure we'll have guests but we are no longer a pseudo hotel.  We are full on family now!!

Here a look at my handy work!  I'm sure I will post more projects in the future seeing as though when I'm pregnant I come up with a list a mile long of things I want to get done before baby gets here and magically they all get done.  Usually in about a week when the stars align, Munchkin is happy and I have energy.  Oh I long for the day.....week.

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