Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's official. I'm a mom. I got the van!

We sold my truck.  : (
I've had my little red Ranger for 10 years.  Got it when I was 18.  It has been a great truck, too.  I've wrecked it a few times, mostly other people fault but one time because I was driving like a bat out of hell.  I rarely ever washed it.  I hardly ever vacuumed out the inside.  The bed of the truck had silver paint all over it because I worked on a dairy farm one summer.  I was in charge of painting a really really really long fence with silver paint.  So I used my truck to get around with all my painting supplies.  I was really stupid back then as well, because apparently, if you have an open paint can on your tailgate and you try to drive across a dirt pen (for cows), EVEN IF YOU DRIVE REALLY SLOW, you will still spill lots of silver paint all over the bed of your truck.  I didn't really care though.  My husband, when we lived in Oklahoma, decided that to get the ice off the windshield, it is best to bang on the inside of the windshield to knock the ice off.  Let me be very clear doesn't work.  It just cracks the windshield, and leaves the ice on there.  The tailgate handle didn't work, so we had to take off the plate cover and pull the two hooks that hold it closed every time we wanted to open it.  I could go on.  Yes, from the description, it was kind of a hunk of junk.  But it was such a great truck.  Never died on me.  Never gave us any major problems.  Still to this day, runs like the day we bought it.  The AC was SUPER cold, which was really nice here on this scalding island.  But it was time to let it go.  I have Munchkin now and couldn't put him in it.  The hubs always took the car because it gets amazing gas mileage (he drives a ton for his job).  So I always ended up not being able to go anywhere...EVER.

BUT!  I got something so stinking awesome!  A conversion van!  Oh yea baby!  And the price was RIGHT!
 Check out those rims!!  WHAT WHAT!
 Yep, it has a tv, AND A VCR!  YEA!!  I can finally watch some of my VHS tapes!  We have hooked up a DVD player, just so you don't think we're total in the dark kind of people.
 It's got super comfortable front seats and captains chairs, and they all recline.  When I was growing up we had a van and none of the seats reclined.  I can stand up straight in this thing too!
The back seat reclines too!  All the way!  With the touch of a button!  Get your mind out of the gutter.  The wonderful thing about this is that we are big campers.  And we haven't been able to go because of Munchkin.  Can you imagine taking a small baby under 1 camping in a tent.  HA!  And when we camp we don't do pansy camping.  We do real deal camping.  But this will make things so much easier!  TONS of room, places to sleep for everyone if the tent just doesn't work out.  We are even planning an actual camping trip next year!  SO EXCITED!! 

Yea, I know.  Having a baby actually make me officially a mom.  But there's always that little part of you that hangs on to your non-mom status when you still have your little truck from college.  Buying a van and selling the truck puts me so far into the mom category, there's no turning back.  I will say though, I will rock this van till the day it dies!  

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